2212 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 (757) 461-7441
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Brownfield Development Company offers consulting services to property owners, developers, prospective buyers and others interested in exploring opportunities involved with brownfield parcels. Our clients utilize the firm's expertise and network of strategic resources to fully explore contaminated properties for possible uses as land investment, tax shelters and other solutions.

We are knowledgeable regarding the latest laws and guidelines that allow us to assess a parcel's feasibility for redevelopment, within the limits of nondisclosure to state and federal agencies. Within this framework we can work with landowners to provide an effective strategy for resolving re-development concerns related to DEQ and EPA regulations. Our approach is to work with clients to mitigate potential liabilities as part of a discovery process. Based on our evaluation and expertise with municipal programs that support brownfield re-development, clients are able to make informed decisions regarding their property and the opportunities to fully realize a parcel's potential.

For more information about Brownfield Development Company's consulting services, call (757) 461-7441, use our contact us page or send an email to: info@brownfielddevelopmentva.com.

Brownfield Development Company:

  • A Virginia company with more than 16 years experience in commercial land development.
  • Experienced with assessing risk and leveraging often hidden opportunities.
  • Specializes in redeveloping contaminated brownfield parcels.


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