2212 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 (757) 461-7441
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Brownfield Development Company specializes in redeveloping brownfield sites to return them to use as productive land parcels that contribute to the economy and tax roles and significantly reduce associated environmental hazards. There are thousands of brownfield or contaminated properties throughout Virginia that are now essentially empty buildings and unbuildable lots.

In the past these parcels were unlikely to be cleaned up using traditional approaches and under historical legislative requirements. Brownfield Development Company works with state, federal and local agencies to ensure clean-up and redevelopment of brownfield properties within the guidelines of new legislative opportunities.

We work closely with property owners, a network of strategic resources and others to mitigate costs, potential civil penalties and other risks to create a win-win scenario that returns contaminated parcels to the business roles while addressing environmental impacts.

For more information about development opportunities with Brownfield Development Company, call (757) 461-7441, use our contact us page or send an email to: info@brownfielddevelopmentva.com.

How We Can Help:

  • Proven experience in commercial land and property development.
  • An experienced network of strategic resources.
  • In-depth analysis of brownfield parcels to minimize risk.
  • Exposure to new programs and opportunities, including low-interest loans for cleanup efforts.


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